Organize your flipbooks

When we start to have a large number of flipbooks on the account, we soon find the need to organize them. In this guide, we will see how to easily categorize flipbooks with tags.

Add flipbooks to Moodle

Uploading learning content as plain PDFs doesn't provide the modern aspect and lacks the interactions needed to create a great learning experience. You can solve this by adding heyzine flipbooks to your Moodle courses, converting boring textbooks to engaging experiences.

Protect embedded flipbooks

When we embed flipbooks on an internal company website or a private section of a website only accessible to registered users, we might want to ensure it can't be published anywhere else. We can do that by protecting the embedded flipbooks.

Add a flipbook to Sharepoint

Internal communication, on-boarding processes, know-how docs, and any other company documentation can also benefit from the interactivity heyzine flipbooks provide. Through this guide, we will see how to add a flipbook to a Sharepoint site.

How to password protect a flipbook

Depending on the type of flipbook we are publishing, we often might want to make sure the flipbook is private and only some specific people can view it. We will see on this guide how easy it is to password-protect a flipbook.

Share on social networks

Social networks are a great way to interact with your audience, and you can of course share your flipbooks too. With heyzine, you can even customize how they will look when you post them.

Make an interactive PDF

Through this article, we will see an easy example of how to create an interactive PDF with many different interactions like youtube videos, background music, and online forms directly embedded into your online publication.

Create a white label flipbook

It's important to personalize a professional flipbook with your brand to boost views and customer trust. We will see through this guide the different places to take into account to create a totally white-labeled flipbook with your own brand.

Customize the flipbook URL

Sometimes having your own logo and brand colors is not enough. You need the full white-label flipbook experience, and with Heyzine you can have it with your own custom flipbook url.

Send a flipbook by email

Either if you have a newsletter, a subscriptor or a contact list, sending your publication as a flipbook by email is usually one of the best options.