Depending on the type of flipbook we are publishing, we often might want to make sure the flipbook is private and only some specific people can view it. We will see on this guide how easy it is to password-protect a flipbook.

The flipbooks are publicly accessible by default, but heyzine never shares or publishes them anywhere, so the public link is usually private enough. But we might want to add extra security by setting a password, or we might want to revoke access after some time without removing the flipbook link.

There are two ways of doing it:

Single password for everyone

First, we have to select the flipbook on the dashboard, click Publish Settings, and the Password protect tab.

password protect on publish settings

Then we have to select the One password for everyone option, and we can set or change the password in the field below. The last field is the text that will appear to the reader on the login screen.

This is how it will appear to the reader:

login page

We can change or remove the logo on the logo menu from the editor. It's the same that is shown on the bottom-left corner of the flipbook and it's usually the company or brand logo.

Email and password per user

A different more flexible option is to define the user and password with access to the flipbook. We have to choose the One password per user option, where we will be able to type the email and password of each one.

one password per user

Notice how on the second user we didn't set a password. This is because if you know your reader has a google account, you can make them log in with their Gmail.

It's very useful when you don't want your readers to share their passwords. It's very unlikely they will share their google password, knowing they are also sharing access to their android phone, email, and everything else.

Finally, using the email and password gives you the flexibility to remove access to a specific reader at any moment you decide to.

email and password