The PDF is the most widely used file format in the world, and it has lots of advantages, but it lacks when it comes to making your readers not only read but also experience and interact with your digital publication.

An interactive publication is easier to remember and can make a difference in creating brand awareness and engagement.

Through this article, we will see an easy example of how to create an interactive PDF with many different interactions like embedded youtube videos, background music, and online forms directly embedded into your online publication.

Upload the PDF

The first step is to upload your PDF to heyzine to create the interactive PDF. After a few seconds or minutes depending on the size of the file, click the customize button to start adding interactions.

customize interactive PDF

Now without doing anything else, we already have an eye-catching publication with page turn and many options to further customize it. Let's start by adding an image that will take the reader to the relevant section of the document.

Click the Image button on the left menu and select an area of the PDF:

add image

Upload the picture with the browse button or select an existing one:

upload image

We can change it at any time by clicking the edit mode, selecting the image we want to change, and by clicking the Image button on the toolbar.

It's time to decide what to do when the reader clicks the picture; for this example, we will go to the 4th page, but we could also link to any external website. It's also possible to enable the toggle below to make it blink for a second, so the reader knows the picture is interactive.

interactive picture

Add a youtube video

It's usually a good idea to upload the videos to youtube, Vimeo, or similar services where we can take advantage of the reach of social networks, and we can use them directly embedded on the interactive PDF.

First, we have to choose the video option from the side menu, define the publication area where we will show it, and select the video provider.

add youtube video

Then we need to go to Youtube, find the video to embed, copy the link from the address bar of the browser, and paste it into the editor.