Internal communication, on-boarding processes, know-how docs, and any other company documentation can also benefit from the interactivity heyzine flipbooks provide. And one of the most common platforms used by companies is Sharepoint.

Through this guide, we will see how to add a flipbook to a Sharepoint site.

Step 1: Edit the Sharepoint site and click the + symbol to add a new embed web part, look for embed and select it.

sharepoint embed web part

Step 2: Go to heyzine, select the flipbook to embed, Share, Web / Embed and copy the Html code.

copy heyzine flipbook html code

Step 3: Back to Sharepoint, paste the code on the field Website address or embed code.

embed flipbook into sharepoint

And done! you can now click republish to make the changes visible to everyone.

Some Sharepoint sites depending on their configuration might give the error "Embedding content from this website isn't allowed, but your admin can change this setting. They will need to add '' to the list of sites that are allowed."

sharepoint embedding content not allowed

To fix it, you will need administrator privileges on the site or you might have to contact the administrator. If you have the permissions, go to site contents, site settings, and Html Field Security.

Add to the allow list. In case you have a heyzine custom domain, add them both and go back to the first step of this guide to embed the flipbook.

sharepoint, site settings, Hml field security

Now you have an interactive digital flipbook embedded on your Sharepoint site.

sharepoint flipbook embedded