E-Learning has gone from being a complementary study option to have a central role in learning in K-12 schools and higher education. The most popular learning platform chosen by institutions and teachers is Moodle because of its ease of use and flexibility.

Uploading learning content as plain PDFs doesn't provide the modern aspect and lacks the interactions needed to create a great learning experience. You can solve this by adding heyzine flipbooks to your Moodle courses, converting boring textbooks to engaging experiences.

There are several guides on how to create flipbooks, it's an easy and fast process. But through this guide, we will see how to embed them to Moodle.

The first step is to look for where we want to add the flipbook, the easier way is to add a link to it, but it's often better to directly show it inside the content to ensure the students don't lose context or attention.

When we know where we want to add it, we have to "turn editing on" and "edit the section", just like with any other content.

moodle edit section

Once in the editor, we have to show the advanced buttons and change the editor to the Html view.

moodle html view

Now we can go to heyzine, select the flipbook to share, and copy the Html code.

copy html code from heyzine

Back to Moodle, we have to paste the Html code in the section.

And that's it! After saving the changes, everyone will see a realistic textbook directly inside of the Moodle course.