Heyzine flipbook and bookshelf links are private by default. That means we never publish or share your publications anywhere, so unless you do it, Google or other search engines will not be able to find and index your publication.

Besides that, for an extra layer of security, you can always set a password to your flipbooks to ensure only certain people can access them, or also protect your flipbook so it's available on specific websites only.

But sometimes, you might want it to be public, but at the same time, prevent Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, and other search engines from crawling and listing your flipbooks on their sites.

We will see in this guide how you can do it.

Disable Google Search indexing for all your flipbooks

When you want to make all your flipbooks and bookshelf uncrawlable by search engines, the solution is to go to your account page > domain tab, change the selection to "Search engine indexing disallowed" and click save.

menu disable indexing for all flipbooks

This way, you don't have to worry about new or past publications. All of them will be marked as not indexable.

Disable Google Search indexing for specific flipbooks

On the other hand, you might have both public and private flipbooks. Not a problem. Just click the flipbook you want to configure, publish settings > advanced tab, disable the toggle, and remember to click save.

menu disable indexing for specific flipbook

This will make the specific flipbook not indexable by search engines, while the rest of the flipbooks will keep their own settings.

Unlist already indexed publication

The configuration we mentioned above adds a special header to your flipbooks that instructs search engines never to crawl or index your pages. If you have changed the setting when Google or another search engine has already indexed it, you will have to wait until it tries to crawl it again.

In case it's something urgent, reach out, and we will start an internal process with the search engine to unlist your heyzine flipbook or bookshelf as soon as possible.