Do you have an online shop with Shopify and you want to add a nice-looking catalog? Then this guide is for you, with heyzine your customers can turn the pages like if it was a real catalog and you can even link the products in the catalog with their product pages.

Here is how you can do it in a few simple steps:

Add or edit a page on Shopify

Create the page or edit an existing one and click the small code icon (<>) on the editor.

Shopify edit page code

Go to heyzine, select a flipbook and click "Share" to see some different ways to publish your catalog.

Select the "iframe / embed" tab and click "Copy html code"

heyzine share embed

Go back to Shopify and paste the iframe code you've just copied from heyzine.

shopify paste iframe code

And that's it! save the changes and preview your website to check everything looks fine:

preview flipbook on Shopify